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22nd-Oct-2008 08:27 pm - Laundry
Road Trip
The neighborhood crazy guy who once told me that I stole his soul just came in the laundromat, took several layers of dirty wet clothes off and put them in a dryer. These are the same dryers I dry my clothes in. Great.
22nd-Oct-2008 08:13 pm - Laundry
Road Trip
Doing laundry sucks but finding $25 in a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while is awesome
4th-Jul-2008 02:27 pm - 4th of July
Road Trip
Photo from last years Fourth of July. My friend Mike had this great apartment east of Soulard near downtown. We went on the roof for the fireworks and this was the view. He got kicked out af that apartment after his Mardi Gras party this year. Apparently when you invite a few hundred random people off the street things get broken.
28th-Jun-2008 02:29 pm - Waiting for Guffman
Road Trip
One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. Waiting for Guffman.
24th-Jun-2008 06:58 am - boo morning
Road Trip
Boo morning!!! My allergies are bothering me here and my neck hurts from sleeping on a crappy pillow. Bitch Bitch Bitch!!!
24th-Jun-2008 12:11 am - Travel
Road Trip
I'm sitting in a airport hotel in Hartford, CT right now just finishing up my 12:11am dinner that consisted of a microwave dinner. Some sort of pan asian dish.....basically some slop with rice so they call it asian. Anyway, I don't really like flying that much, but sunsets from planes are really pretty. Makes sitting next to the fat, sweaty guy with a mullet worth it. He really was a hoot. When he turned off his phone I noticed that his wallpaper was a naked women, and then he proceeded to tell me all about his job. He is a contractor for a company that renovates mall stores. Lives in Springfield, MO but only goes home for a few days a month. Then he fell asleep and snored really loud for the second half of the first flight. My second flight today wasn't all that bad. It arrived early and I sat next to two old ladies coming back from a family reunion. Overall, today made me realize that travel is only fun when you are doing it for pleasure.
22nd-Jun-2008 08:11 pm - My first post.
Road Trip
I'm Ted, I now live in Kansas City after 26 years in St. Louis, and this thing will most likely consist of random pictures that I take and funny things I see on youtube. I will occasionally write about ideas that I have. For instance, I do my laundry at the laundromat and it pisses me off every time that the dryers don't really get my clothes dry and I have to keep feeding them quarters. As a result of this though, finding quarters makes me incredibly happy. So in the end I think I am coming out even. Enjoy the funny youtube clip.
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